Asthma is a common chronic respiratory condition that can cause a big impact on a person’s wellbeing and can at times be life threatening. Many asthmatics are resigned to being regularly inconvenienced by poor lung function and frequent emergency visits to the hospital. At AHG super clinics, our doctors give you a personalised asthma action plan for controlling your symptoms at every stage of the disease. The benefits of this include;

  • Reduced chance of needing to go to hospital
  • Improved lung function
  • Reduced number of days off work or school due to asthma

At AHG, our Asthma action plans are help you gain control of a your asthma, looking into;

  • Usual symptoms when well, eg no symptoms, intermittent tight chestedness
  • Usual management, eg quick action ventolin reliever inhaler, daily preventer inhaler
  • Triggers for worsening asthma, eg pollen, dust, viral infection, cold, exercise
  • Signs of worsening asthma, eg tight chest, wheeze, cough, increased use of ventolin inhaler
  • How to manage worsening asthma, eg increased use of a preventer inhaler, oral steroids
  • Signs of an asthma attack and how & where to access help, eg GP or hospital

What to do during an Asthma attack?
In case of severe attack;
STEP 1. Sit person up and give the reassurance, don’t leave them alone.
STEP 2. Without delay give four separate puffs of a reliever (Airomir, Asmol, Bricanyl or Ventolin). The medication is best given one puff at a time via a spacer device. Ask the person to take four breaths from the spacer after each puff of the medication.Just use the puffer if no space is available.
STEP 3. Wait four minutes.
STEP 4. If there is little or no improvement, call an ambulance immediately- DIAL 000. Continuously repeat steps 2 and 3 while waiting for the ambulance. Even if the patient recovers seek medical advice.

Asthma Management by AHG Super Clinics
At AHG Super Clinics, our highly skilled nurses and doctors can manage every part of the disease from diagnosis, planning, prevention and treatment of exacerbations. Please call us on 1300 735 992 to book an appointment to discuss your asthma concerns.



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