As alcohol and recreational drug use by employees can present significant health and safety hazards to their colleagues and workplace, our professional Drug and Alcohol Testing is designed to help companies maintain a safe working environment. Our Drug and Alcohol Testing service falls under our Corporate Health Care, which provides customised solutions to meet the needs of your company. As part of our Corporate Health Care, our practitioners can administer instant or laboratory testing on your employees in accordance with your company’s OHS protocols.

Drug and alcohol testing has been shown to:

  • Improve productivity amongst your employees. 
  • Reduce product and service defects.
  • Help employers support employees who struggle with substance abuse.


Testing is conducted in accordance with the client’s OHS protocols, with collection usually supervised or witnessed by the collector. The test is simple and effective, with results interpreted within minutes.

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For more information about Drug and Alcohol Testing as part of our Corporate Health Care program, contact our team at Australasian Health Group, or call us today on 1300 735 992 .