Pre-Employment Medical

Our team at Australasian Health Group offer comprehensive and detailed pre-employment, pre-placement and periodic medical assessments as part of our Corporate Health Care program. These assessments are used to screen new employees to determine potential factors that may restrict their ability to perform certain tasks. Our pre-employment medical examinations can also be tailored to meet the needs of your business.

It doesn’t matter what industry you operate in – the health and safety of your workforce is paramount, and making sure they are fit to perform necessary tasks is essential.

Benefits of Pre-Employment Medical Assessments

The benefits of having Australasian Health Group conduct pre-employment medical assessments for your business include:

  • Reduced risk of workplace injuries.
  • Having a work environment that is safe for all employees.
  • Less downtime if and when an injury to an employee occurs.
  • Matching the right employee with the right role.
  • Decrease in potential WorkCover claims and insurance costs.
  • Reduced cost of recruiting new staff.
Pre Employment Medical

what's involved in our comprehensive pre-employment medical assessments?

At Australasian Health Group, we can tailor your pre-employment medical assessment to the requirements of the role you will be performing. Some of the components which may be in your assessment include: 

  • Comprehensive Functional Assessment
  • Comprehensive Medical Assessment, which involves the following:
    • Height measurement
    • Weight measurement
    • Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement
    • Cardiovascular examination 
    • Respiratory examination
    • Neurological examination
    • Abdominal examination
    • Musculoskeletal examination including comprehensive range of movement
    • Central nervous system examination
    • Renal (kidney) examination
    • Endocrine (diabetes) examination
    • Ophthalmic examination (visual test which involves testing for colour blindness)
  • Specific Examination, which may assess the following:
    • Audiometry (hearing test which includes WorkCover WA audio compliance)
    • Spirometry (testing your lung function)
    • Drug and Alcohol Testing (instant testing or in a laboratory)
    • Psychological assessment
    • Dental assessment
    • Work fitness assessments (otherwise known as functional capacity evaluations)
    • Health surveillance screening

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