Cosmétique Lifestyle Care Plan

Cosmétique Lifestyle Care Plan

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Lifestyle Care Plan is an Australasian Health Group (AHG) exclusive membership to deliver better care to you and your family. Lifestyle Care Plan Members Enjoy rewards and benefits throughout the year

Wrinkle Relaxers:
Lip Filler:
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Cosmetic Lifestyle Care Plan


Wrinkle Relaxers(with free top-ups)

  • Forehead lines (frontalis)
  • Frown lines (glabella)
  • Crows feet

At Comsétique, we use premium European Wrinkle Relaxers that are designed to act quicker and last longer. All Wrinkle Relaxer treatments are done by our staff of highly skilled Injectors across all of our locations. Post treatment, we review patients at 2 week mark at which point, we can provide top-ups at no additional charge!

Premium Lip Fillers

Our Lifestyle Care Plan members enjoy the benefits of premium and ultra-premium Lip Fillers administered by our highly skilled Cosmetic Injectors. The lip fillers we use are designed to give you a natural pouty, plump result while minimising swelling

Lifestyle Care Plan members get an instant upgrade to our Premium Lip fillers worth $399 (save $100). Members who also sign up for 3 area Wrinkle Relaxers get a complimentary upgrade to ultra premium lip fillers worth $600 (save $300)