Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is performed in order to save a tooth which has undergone irreversible damage to the nerve and blood supply through decay, trauma or wear and tear from previous dental procedures and day to day function.

When the root canals of teeth become inflamed or infected, they can cause immense pain often not easily alleviated by analgesics. Sometimes the nerve tissue can deteriorate within the tooth slowly and cause no acute pain at all, only being detected on routine X-rays.

Root canal treatment involves treating the infection by removing the affected dental tissue inside the tooth. It typically takes at least two visits spaced a few weeks apart. The first visit is to remove any infected tissue and place an antibiotic dressing inside the tooth. A temporary filling is placed to cover a small access hole on the biting surface.

A second visit is to file and shape the root canals, ensuring that the tooth is free of any debris and the third or fourth visit is to seal the root canals depending on whether an additional dressing visit is required. Following completion of a root canal treatment, it is imperative that a strong restoration is placed to seal the tooth from saliva and bacteria getting back inside the tooth. The most long term solution for this is a full coverage crown which provides reinforcement and strength to the tooth from fracture.

The whole procedure is performed under local anaesthetic so you would not feel any pain during the procedure. However, it is possible to experience some pain or discomfort following a root canal visit.

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